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10 Quick & cheap DIY projects you can do at home this weekend

Is there anything more satisfying than seeing improvements around the home? Even better if they only take a weekend (or two) and don’t break the bank, winning!  Hirepool has a huge range of equipment across its New Zealand branch network. With travel off the cards and more kiwis spending time at home, there’s never been a better time to get stuck into projects around your place. Let’s cover some of these today!

Outdoor Jobs

From gardens to fences, outdoor DIY projects can be some of the most rewarding. Time to get your property looking tidy!

Level up your lawn game

Perhaps the best place to start with property maintenance is your lawn and edges. Keeping these neat and tidy brings up the overall appearance of your home and doesn’t take too much time - with the right tools. 

If your home has hedges, get started on these, trimming and shaping to be flush and neat to the boundary. For many hedges, reaching the top and upper sides is tricky. Not all ground is right for a ladder (if you own one), so you might want to look at hiring an hedge trimmer with extender pole - or you can get a combination tool with a telescoping extension built in. These extension options enable you to reach all parts of the hedge safely and with control. If your hedge is at shoulder height or below, you should be okay with a standard trimmer. Browse our range of hedge trimming options here.



Cutting the lawn might be something you’ve been putting off until the weather improves, but many Kiwis are working with an old or less-than-perfect condition mower. If you’re looking to give the lawn a complete facelift, you might want to look at hiring a high quality mower and weed eater with a line trimming function.


Chop down that tree, or trim it back

Before the seasons change, it’s a great idea to trim back your trees. Less branches dropping leaves will make yard clean up much easier and can help prevent drains becoming blocked. If you’re looking for some advice on how to get your trees chopped back, check out our Guide - How to safely cut trees with a chainsaw. And if you do end up with a bit of a yard clean up job from leaves, remember you can get a leaf blower/vac to make this job easier.


Build a home compost

Using a range of saws and hand tools from Hirepool, you can easily put together a home compost area, perfect for reducing your carbon footprint and demand on council refuse. To save on materials, you can use recycled timber or wood pallets when you build your compost area. Once you’ve got your compost built, you can use a mulcher to mulch tree offcuts to fill the compost up before adding in your food scraps. 


Pressure Wash your property 

Now this is one that many of us have put off for a good while. But a nicely-washed home can actually make it look like a million bucks. It’s not just the exterior of our house that can be washed, but the concrete areas around the property. There’s nothing better for the job than a pressure washer or water blaster. You’ll get rid of dirt and grime from ground that’s been there for years - all without any harmful chemicals. 

Before you get started, you might want to read our guides to water blasting:


Repair or replace your fence

Is the outside of your property looking a little worse for wear? Bit rough around the edges? Repairing, repainting or replacing a fence are all jobs that can be done in a weekend and make a huge overall visual impact on your property. If you’re ready to get started on your fencing project, head over to our Fencing, Decking and Retaining section for some handy pointers to get the job done well.


Indoor Jobs

If bad weather is on the cards then it might be time to tackle some projects inside. We look at some of these weekend jobs below:


Repaint your kitchen cabinets 

Without spending a lot of time or money, painted cabinetry can transform a dated kitchen. First thing you’ll need is some quality sanding equipment ready to strip old paint and finish. Then you’ll remove tired cupboard doors and hardware before sanding doors and cabinetry. 

After sanding and preparing, you can paint the cupboards with your choice of paint and finish. For large kitchens with lots of cabinets, you’d be best to take them outside and use a spray paint gun for quick and easy paint application. 

Not sure how to use a sprayer? Read our guide before you start!


Build a desk for your home office

Working from home has never been so popular. In 2020 many of us may have discovered we have less-than-ideal home work setups, and may be intending to continue working from home more in the future. Getting a dedicated space and desk will make remote work much easier. But it doesn’t have to cost much; building your own desk is inexpensive and easy to make with some good materials and tools.

Trestle-style tables are great. They’re easy to move around and store if you need to pack it down to make space, and you can spread out all your computer equipment across the desktop. Jump online and you’ll find some easy to follow instructions on how to make your own trestle table. You may need a saw, drill and sander for the project, so take advantage of Hirepool’s high quality equipment!


Refresh your front door

Give your front door a refresh to improve your house’s curb appeal. The front door and entranceway is often skipped over for bigger jobs, but can make a big difference to the overall aesthetics of a property. Pick a day where it’s not raining or blowing a gale, and remove the door off its hinges to take outside for refinishing.  Repainting a front door will need removal of old paint using a heat gun and/or sander, both of which are available from Hirepool. Need some guidance stripping the paint off your door? Check out our guide on Best methods for removing paint.


Hang artwork and pictures

We know this is a job you’ve probably been meaning to get around to; spending a weekend getting enough hooks, nails and screws to hang your art, photos and decor on the wall. It’s one of the easiest jobs to procrastinate on, but once done, you’ll be wondering why you hadn’t sorted it earlier! Depending on the wall and weight of the object, you may need to do some drilling first. If you are drilling into brick, tile or stone, look into getting a specialist drill from one of our branches across the country.


Strip Wallpaper

Okay, so a wallpaper stripping project this weekend is going to probably lead to a new project the weekend after - so be ready to follow this up with repainting or papering. The good news is that stripping wallpaper is fairly straightforward to smash out in a day or so - if you go about it the right way. You can get the job done a lot faster with a wallpaper steamer. These lift old dry wall paper off the wall with moisture, creating an easy job for you to simply tear it off the wall and discard. 

Before you get stuck in stripping wallpaper, don’t forget to lay down tarpaulins to protect floor and furniture, and hire mobile scaffolding if you’re working at height. 


Get the tools for this weekend!

We’ve got a massive selection of tools to get your weekend projects done without the high costs of buying the gear yourself. View  our range and book online or contact your local branch who can help you get the right tools for the project you are taking on.