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Hire a sander or stripper

If you’ve got a decent sized floor job to complete, a sander or stripper will help you complete the job faster. We’ve got a range of floor sanders and strippers available, from walk-behind floor strippers to random orbital sanders. See our selection and find the best tool for your floor job.

Hire a walk-behind floor stripper

Breaking and lifting lino or tiles can be a manual, back-breaking task. Make your floor stripping job much faster by hiring a walk-behind floor stripper.  With a simple to operate blade that can be adjusted to fit different angles, this electric powered floor stripper will lift linoleum tiles with ease, doing the hard work for you!

Hire a trolley breaker

This trolley holds a breaker which can be used to crack and split tiles or lino floors and remove floor coverings. Simply turn on the breaker and push the trolley to make easy work of stripping a floor.

Hire a belt sander 

This 100mm belt sander has various applications around the house, including sanding floorboards, weather boards and wooden furniture. Achieve a smooth and even finish before applying a final coat of paint and having your items looking like new again. 

Hire a wallboard sander

Forget access issues such as leaning over a ladder trying to sand overhead. If you need to sand ceilings and walls, this wallboard sander will be perfect. With its lightweight design, you can use the wallboard sander to smooth surfaces and get them ready for the next stage of renovation!

Hire a floor sander

If you’ll be preparing timber floors or varnishing, recovering or smoothing them to lay down carpet, hire a floor sander. This heavy duty floor sander will help you sand large surfaces with ease.

Get started

Whether you need to strip floors or smooth them before a fresh coat of paint, hiring a floor stripper or floor sander is a great way to make the job easier. Simply use our online booking system and either pick up from your branch, or opt to get the equipment delivered. If you’d like some more advice, get in touch with your nearest Hirepool branch.