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Get the right tools and equipment for your job with Hirepool. We’ve got a selection of tools for hire, including power tools like nail guns, chainsaws, drills, grinders and more.



These IFU's contain information for the safe use and operation of equipment. The are in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader to be viewed.

Hire a nail gun

For finishing, framing and other woodwork, use a nail gun to get the job done faster. Hiring a nail gun will help you to fasten skirting, picture frames or construct timber framing without the need for a hammer. Our nail guns are gas operated for a powerful result that will keep timber secure for years to come.

Hire a drill

Whether you need to install pipes, cables, ducts or railings with a diamond drill or drill steel, wood or other materials in confined spaces with a right angle drill, we’ve got the drilling equipment you’ll require for most jobs.

Hire a saw

Cut through concrete, timber and other materials with ease by choosing from our range of circular saws, mitres saws, chainsaws and more. Easily hire a saw for a specific job without needing to worry about the maintenance.  

Hire measuring and survey equipment

Measure dimensions and angles for your building project by hiring measuring and survey equipment. From taking fast, easy levels with a builders level, to using survey lasers for identifying correct pipe gradients, you can hire it with Hirepool. 

Hire a grinder

Whether you’re working in a confined space and require a dustless grinder, or want to do away with power cords and use a high speed air grinder, we’ve got the best grinder equipment for hire at Hirepool.

Hire a sander or stripper

For any floor job, from preparation right through to finishing, we can help. Hire a walk behind floor stripper to take the manual work out of lifting floor tiles and other materials. If you’re almost ready to finish your floor, use a floor sander to achieve a nice, smooth surface first.

Get started

We’ve got all the tools you’ll need to get the job done. Getting started is easy, simply use our booking system to book online. Before you hire, you could also consider visiting or calling your local Hirepool to speak to an expert about what you might need.

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