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Leaf Blowers

Hire from our selection of leaf blowers for your DIY job or landscaping work. We’ve got lightweight and heavy duty options depending on your requirements.

Hire a leaf blower

It’s easy to tidy up your lawn, deck, driveway or garage by hiring a leaf blower. Quickly blow leaves, grass and other garden debris into piles for cleaning and do away with the hard work!

Affordable and convenient, our leaf blowers are simple to use and come with both handheld and push behind options.  Our equipment also comes with operating instructions for the intended user.

Whether you’ve used a hedge trimmer to tidy up trees or hedges around your property, or are simply clearing out garden debris after a stormy day, a leaf blower makes your job much faster.


Handheld leaf blowers

For smaller landscaping jobs, you could using the handheld leaf blower. You can easily blow wood shavings, leaves or grass clippings into a simple to manage pile. The handheld leaf blower is lightweight and comes with both motor and electric options.

Get in touch with your local Hirepool today to talk about your job - we’re here to help.