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Sawing and Drilling

When it comes to DIY, mastering some essential skills with power tools can set you up for a world of success. In this section, we’ll cover some power tool basics so you can brush up on your skills and feel confident tackling a wide range of projects around the home.

Learn how to drill a hole perfectly and how to use a wide range of saws accurately and safely, every time. 

Learn to build your own furniture or home decor pieces and take on small home renovation projects and repairs with confidence.

We’ve got a range of tools to help you get the job done smarter at Hirepool.


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Latest Sawing and Drilling Blogs

How to change a chain on a Chainsaw
  • 4 Mar, 2021

Hirepool has a variety of different chainsaw models and brands in our range, and many of them require different steps when changing a chain. So, we’ve provided a foolproof step by step guide on how to change the chain on your chainsaw safely!

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How to Start a Chainsaw
  • 13 Jan, 2021

If you’re new to using a chainsaw, sometimes it takes a little effort to get the chainsaw going. So here’s some tips that will have you starting a chainsaw like a pro - in no time.

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Hirepools range of Chainsaws
  • 11 Jan, 2021

Hirepool has a huge range of chainsaws for hire. This video takes a look at our range and the options best suited to different sawing jobs.

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DIY Projects for the Perfect Home Office
  • 16 Dec, 2020

With Kiwis opting to work from home more than ever before, there’s never been a better time to upgrade your home office set up. Improve your productivity by creating a dedicated space that’s comfortable and organised for you to do your best work. We’ve compiled a list of easy home DIY projects to help you turn your home office into a stylish and functional space. From DIY desks to storage solutions, we’ve got you covered at Hirepool.

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DIY Mum or Dad Goals: 5 Fun Family Projects
  • 16 Dec, 2020

If owning your own home didn’t make your DIY jobs list balloon, having kids certainly will! Even with babies, we’re having to child-proof our homes - often including removing hazards and putting gates up. When kids start walking and playing outside - well that’s a whole other (big) list. Here’s some projects that you can give a go around the home that will keep the kids entertained.

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Rainy Day DIY - get inside jobs done and dusted
  • 16 Jul, 2020

So the weather report isn’t looking too flash for your outdoor projects this weekend? Not to worry! There are a few handy jobs and DIY projects that are perfect for tackling on a rainy day.

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Using a Chainsaw - everything you should know
  • 30 Apr, 2020

Need to cut some firewood, trim some trees, or cut some down altogether? Chainsaws are the perfect tool to get these jobs done - saving time and energy and giving you a professional looking finish

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