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What equipment do you need for outdoor maintenance?

Having an outdoor area attached to your home definitely comes with its perks; space for some backyard cricket, opportunity for a BBQ on a sunny arvo, and outside lunches with the family. To make the most of these perks, you’ll need to spend time maintaining the area so that you, your friends and your family can enjoy it. With using the right tools and a hard-working Kiwi attitude, outdoor maintenance can be a breeze.

It can be hard to know what tools are right for the job, especially if it’s one of your first landscaping DIY jobs. Luckily, with Hirepool we offer a great range of landscaping equipment for hire. And even better, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg as hiring instead of buying is generally more cost effective. If you’re after some useful tips for maintaining your outdoor area, you’ve come to the right place! 

Stay tuned for Hirepool’s top tips for outdoor maintenance!

Don’t work harder, work smarter

Use tools that reduce the effort required from you and help get the job done faster. 

Always approach your DIY task with a plan in mind. Working smarter rather than harder is a great way to use less energy getting the job done and saves you time in the process.  Try to find the tools that will do most of the job for you, so that you won’t have to get your hands too dirty. Whether it’s trimming hedges, water blasting your concrete driveway, or chopping wood for the fireplace, it’s amazing the difference that using the right tool for the job can make.   

Hire rather than buy your tools

If you plan on buying a new tool every time you need a job done, you may find the wallet feels a bit lighter! This is because buying tools can be expensive and is often unnecessary unless you plan on using those tools more than a few times per year. 

Hiring equipment means that you only pay for the equipment for the amount of time you hire it for. This can make a lot more sense for some people as you’ll get your money’s worth compared to if you bought a piece of equipment and only used it for a couple of hours. 

Also, if you hire equipment, it means you just have to hire it for when you need it. Unlike when you purchase a piece of equipment, you won’t have to find space in the garage or make room in the shed to store the equipment. 

On top of this, no maintenance is needed for when you’re hiring tools! Maintenance and taking care of equipment can be a real hassle and time consuming. It also adds more to your workload even after you’ve completed the job. When you hire tools on the other hand, Hirepool make sure our equipment are kept spick and span. 

Clear your drains and downpipes regularly

This is a task that people often forget to do, even though it’s very important! Doing this prevents dampness in your home. Starting with the gutters, you should aim to clear all the drains and downpipes that are easy to reach to help your home will stay warm and dry. Even though the winter and autumn months are the coldest months of the year, just chuck on a warm jacket and try to get those drains cleared - you’ll be grateful you did it!

What equipment is handy for outdoor maintenance? 

Here’s some of our must-hire equipment for keeping your outdoor area looking great:

Regularly clean surfaces with a water blaster

Water blasters are one of the most useful tools you can have when you’re working on the outside area of your house. Hirepool’s water blasters are a great piece of equipment as they have the power needed to get any stubborn dirt or marks off your walls fences and pathways.. Don’t spend extra time scrubbing away at those surfaces with little reward, as the water blaster will do all the work for you!

If you’re looking to hire a water blaster, Hirepool has got you covered with a wide range of water blasters to choose from. Whether you’re after a petrol, diesel or electric water blaster, we’ll help you get the right one for the job. A lot of people don’t realise that our water blasters are commercial grade and do a much more effective job than brands purchased from a department store! Have a read of our guide to hiring a water blaster if you aren’t sure where to start, or get in touch with your local Hirepool branch.

Use a hedge trimmer 

Hedges, shrubs or bushes can be a real pain to trim with garden shears, and a ladder often doesn’t make it much easier as you’ll spend time moving the ladder from place to place. A hedge trimmer should be your go-to tool when it comes to trimming these bushes, hedges and trees. A hedge trimmer makes the job easier as it’s sharp blades will cut through most branches in one go and with that, you’ll get the job done before you know it.

Telescopic hedge trimmers are a safer and more effective option for trimming hedges that are tricky to reach. Climbing a ladder has its risks, whereas if you have a telescopic hedge trimmer handy, you can extend your reach while standing on the ground.

There are two different types of hedge trimmers to choose from, each with their own pros and cons:

  • The first is the battery powered hedge trimmer, also called a cordless hedge trimmer. This type of hedge trimmer gives you freedom to cut where you like without any worry of needing to be near a power point. 

  • There are also petrol hedge trimmers which are excellent at cutting larger bushes and thicker branches. 

It might also be a good idea to hire a caged trailer to transport your garden trimmings. Hedge trimmers achieve a more precise, tidy cut, so opt for this easier option and kiss those garden shears goodbye!

Cutting some trees or firewood? Hire a chainsaw

Chainsaws are one of the most popular tools to use for outdoor maintenance as they are great at cutting wood and branches that would otherwise be very laborious by hand. Reduce the amount of energy and time you spend cutting these thick branches and hire a chainsaw to get the job done right away. Chainsaws are very functional too and offer help with multiple jobs - whether you need to cut firewood or complete some general wood trimming around the garden, it’ll be a worthwhile tool to have on hand!

As effective as they are, chainsaws do come with a safety risk. They can cut through thick tree branches so you can imagine the harm it could do to you or someone around you if you fail to use it safely. Here are a chainsaw safety tips to ensure no one gets hurt:

  • Make sure the area is free from any people or animals. 

  • Avoid working in poor conditions where there is heavy rain, snow or high winds. 

  • If you are cutting down trees you should make sure they won’t fall on surrounding property, people or animals.

  • Always check the chainsaw before using it - check that the chain-brake is working, the tension on the chain is correct and that the teeth are sharp. 

  • Do not use the chainsaw above shoulder height.

  • Be mindful of safety when using electricity outdoors.

Hirepool offer chainsaws of all sizes to fit your general landscaping and gardening needs. If you’re doing some light cutting, then a battery chainsaw is ideal. However, if you’re planning to use the chainsaw for a larger area or tougher branches, then a petrol chainsaw would be a better choice so that you won’t be limited by battery life. For general trimming around your property, it might be wise to use a guide bar of 18” or less, especially if you’re inexperienced with chainsaws. 

Don’t settle for a regular saw and hire a chainsaw with Hirepool to make your life much easier.

Hard to reach branches? Hire a telescopic tree pruner

Telescopic tree pruners are useful are trimming those out of reach, dead and untidy branches. It’s extended reach allows you to work from the ground so that you won’t have to use a ladder, keeping you safely on the ground. 

We have both petrol tree pruners and battery tree pruners, so choose whichever suits your job best! Our battery tree pruner has a maximum reach of 3.9m and only weighs 4.8kg, so it won’t be an overly heavy load to lift. The petrol tree pruners have a maximum reach of 3.8m and being petrol, it has more power potential than the battery version, so if you have thicker tree branches to cut through, this could be a better option. 

Use a wood chipper to mulch up cut trees and branches

Trees can be a hassle to get rid of after they’ve been cut down because of how heavy they are. If you can, a great option is to keep the trees on-site and break them down to be used elsewhere in your outdoor area. Hiring a wood chipper means you can cut the tree into much smaller chunks to create wood chips or mulch for your garden. 

Avoid the time spent taking the trees to the refuse station and instead look for ways to reuse the chips. Here are some ideas:

  • You can create mulch from the wood chipper, which can help any other plants you have growing in your garden, so that you won’t have to spend any extra money on fertilizer. 

  • If you hire a wood chipper that has a shredder feature, then you might also be able to make compost from the wood, which can be used in your garden at no added cost. 

  • If you don’t need the wood chips yourself, see if a neighbour needs it!

Hiring a wood chipper to make some mulch are the right steps to take to improve the look of your garden. 


Hiring a wood chipper with Hirepool is as easy as it gets. We have many options for you to choose from whether you’re after a petrol, diesel or hydraulic wood chipper and we offer great hiring rates so you won’t have to think twice about hiring with us!

Book online or enquire at your local branch 

If you have the right tools, outdoor maintenance can be a walk in the park. Enjoy the fresh air, use the tools to your advantage and in no time you’ll be able to sit back and relax.

Whatever maintenance you’re looking to do on your garden or outdoor area, take a look at our wide selection of outdoor maintenance equipment for hire. Whether you’re after a chainsaw for cutting thick branches, a water blaster to get rid of those scummy marks on your fence or a hedge trimmer to tidy up your bushes, we’ve got it all. 

If you’d like some expert advice, get in touch with your local Hirepool branch! Or you can simply book your equipment online - it’s simple!