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Water Blasters

Browse our range of water blasters at Hirepool. We have small, medium and large water blasters to suit your DIY or commercial worksite needs.

Typically attaching to your garden hose, water blasters are an easy way for anyone to clean the outdoor areas around their properties. With varying pressure options, you can get rid of built up grime and bring your deck or driveway back to life!

Hire a water blaster

Water blasters are ideal for cleaning harder to reach areas such as roofs and fences, as well as other areas around your property like paths, driveways, and outdoor areas.

With a range of water blasters available from 1400 to 4000 psi, our high pressure water blasters will make cleaning hard surfaces on your property simple. Our blasters are available with electric and petrol options, as well as hot or cold water.

For cleaning engines or oil on your driveway, try a hot water blaster. One of our lightest duty options, you’ll be able to easily maneuver it around your workspace.

If you’re looking at washing down your house, check out our towable water blasters options. These are perfect for larger jobs.


Water blaster attachments

We have water blaster attachments such as whirlaway disks, wash brushes and extension lances. Whirlaway disks are great for cleaning floor surfaces, while wash brushes and extension lances are perfect for cleaning hard to reach areas around the house, such as guttering.


Operating your water blaster

Your water blaster hired from Hirepool comes with safety and operating instructions. Talk to us about your particular waterblasting needs today.