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Wrenches & Sockets

Hire a wrench or socket

Wrenches and sockets are handy tools for tightening and loosening nuts or bolts. We’ve got a selection of wrenches and sockets available for hire.

Hire a torque wrench

Hire a torque wrench to get maximum leverage and tightening power for securely fitting nuts and bolts. 

If you’re going to be completing metal work, you may also want to consider hiring other tools at Hirepool. Here are a few that may come in handy:

Hire a grinder

Depending on what you’re working on, before loosening or tightening nuts or bolts, you may need to first remove metal sheets, and old nuts or bolts that have eroded with rust and can’t be undone.

This angle grinder will make it simple to get rid of these hard to nuts, bolts or screws. Simply turn on the grinder and apply pressure to the cutting object. 

Hire a drill

If you’re putting in nuts or bolts, you may first require a drill to make some holes for them. 

We’ve got a wide selection of drills for hire, including cordless battery drills for smaller jobs and magnetic broach drills for heavy duty drilling. 

Get started

Whether you need to fasten nuts, bolts or remove them first, we’ve got a selection of jobs that can help you complete the job quickly. To get started, simply use our online booking system to get a quote and check availability. You can also visit your nearest Hirepool branch.