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Welder 250-450amp MIG 3 Phase

Welder 250-450amp MIG 3 Phase

"This high powered MIG welder is perfect for the heavy duty jobs, repairs and fabrication."

Specifications (will vary by model)

Group Number : 654C
Input voltage : 3 Phase 400 volts
Maximum Current output : 400 amp
Maximum current draw : 20 amps
Wire sizes : 0.6-1.6mm
Maximum wire speed : 20m/min
Power unit length : 1300mm
Power unit width : 535mm
Power unit height : 1000mm
Wire feeder length : 530mm
Wire feeder width : 285mm
Wire feeder height : 375mm
Weight (exc cylinder) : 156kg

Not all products are available in all branches. Please call to check availability.

Welder 250-450amp MIG 3 Phase

Instruction for Use Sheet

Welding rev2 PDF 119 KB

Safety Notes

The above safety notes are required for safe use of this equipment.

Transport Notes