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Weedeaters & Scrubcutters

Hire a weed eater or scrub cutter from your local Hirepool. We have a range of light and heavy duty weed eater or scrub cutter options depending on your DIY or landscaping job.

Lightweight weed eaters

Weed eaters are fantastic for quickly reining in an unruly section or garden. Achieve a nice, level lawn without using a traditional lawn mower. Our lightweight, easy to handle weed eaters are ideal for managing weeds and long grass around your property or landscaping site.

Our weed eaters come in petrol, battery and electric options, and use nylon cutting lines.

For cutting around edges, posts or fences, consider our standard weedeater. If you’d prefer to avoid power leads or petrol, check out our battery weedeater. It features up to 100 minute run time and is low noise.

If you’re working with an uneven section, weed eaters are ideal for harder to reach places or slopes or banks where it might be dangerous to use a heavier lawn mower. Weed eaters and scrub cutters will also allow you to easily maintain vertical banks.


Heavy duty scrub cutters

Try a heavy duty, 46cc steel bladed scrub cutter for cutting through overgrown lawns, dense weeds or scrub. With medium blades, these heavier duty line trimmers are ideal for managing larger areas more easily.

Our scrub cutters are also fitted with grass or steel blades for extra cutting power.


Operating a weed eater or scrub cutter

All of our weed eaters or scrub cutters come with safety and operating instructions. We recommend speaking with your local Hirepool expert about what you need to get the job done right.