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From removing liquids to ridding the carpet of dust, debris and other materials, wet dry vacuum cleaners are a convenient, multi-purpose solution to keeping floors clean. Whether you’re renovating the house or need to clean the carpet before moving flats, hiring a wet dry vacuum cleaner will help you complete the job faster.

How does a wet dry vacuum cleaner work?

Wet dry vacuum cleaners use different types of filters for picking up both liquid materials and solids, such as screws, nails and other loose debris. By choosing different functions, the vacuum will either use powerful sucking to remove solid materials or a less powerful suction to capture droplets and materials. Because you toggle between wet and dry suctioning, the materials or liquids are stored separately, preventing a messy clean-up at the end of the job. 

Hire a wet dry vacuum cleaner

We have a few different wet dry vacuum cleaning options. From medium sized vacuums for properties right through to large sized vacuums for commercial jobs. Our large vacuum has a 5 metre suction length, making it great for harder to reach areas.

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Hiring a wet dry vacuum is easy with Hirepool. Whether you’re cleaning up your property to prepare it for sale, or require a wet dry vacuum for a commercial job, we’ve got a range of different sized vacuums to help with the job. To get started, either fill out a quick quote form online or visit your nearest Hirepool branch