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Truck Mounted Boom Lifts

Hire a truck mounted boom lift

Hire from our selection of truck mounted boom lifts at Hirepool. Truck mounted boom lifts are ideal for jobs where you need to work at height. Highly flexible, our heavy duty truck mounted boom lift will be suitable for most residential and commercial jobs, such as construction, forestry, window cleaning and more.

Self-drive truck mounted boom lift

The self-drive 28m truck mounted boom lift is easy to operate and provides transportation to your worksite. Complete your jobs much faster, and get easy access to your job as well as maneuverability around worksites. This model is fitted with outriggers for safe and stable operation.

With up to a 28m telescopic boom and a safe working load of 200kg, you can work in narrow areas and with multiple personnel.

26m truck mounted boom lift

For a slightly smaller boom lift, there’s the 26m truck mounted boom lift. Great for reducing contracting and labour time and improving access. With a 26m working height, this truck mounted boom lift will be appropriate for many commercial and residential jobs.

This boom lift is also fitted with outriggers for safe and stable operation.

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It’s easy to hire a truck mounted boom lift with Hirepool, either apply online or visit your nearest branch. Before you operate your truck mounted boom lift, make sure you read the operating instructions. For your specific requirements, we recommend that you speak to your an expert at your local Hirepool branch before hiring. Get started now.