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Trenchers & Attachments

Hire from our selection of trenchers and attachments at your local Hirepool branch. We have a range of chain trenchers to help with trench cutting. Make it easier to dig a trench by using a trencher to cut through hard earth.

Trenchers for hire

Depending on your job size, we have walk-behind and ride on trenchers available. Trenchers are perfect for digging narrow trenches to lay pipes, electrical cables, drains and more.

For smaller jobs, consider hiring this walk-behind chain trencher. With the ability to dig trenches 100mm wide and 760mm deep, this trencher is perfect for laying cables and other jobs. 400 kg in weight, this is a heavy duty trencher that will help you get the job done quickly.

For digging deeper trenches, consider our ride on chain trencher. With up to 1000mm digging depth and a front blade for back filling, this powerful trencher will dig through harder ground.


Trencher attachments for hire

If you’re hiring a loader, you could consider using this trencher loader attachment to dig your trenches. With up to 915mm trench depth, it’s suitable for digging trenches for small and medium sized jobs. Easily attaching on your loader, it’s a cost-effective option to digging trenches and removing debris afterwards.


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We make hiring a trencher simple. All of our equipment comes with easy to follow operating instructions. Before you begin your trenching project, visit your nearest Hirepool branch to talk about your requirements. Fill in a quick quote form to get started.