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Transport Trailers

See our selection of transport and salvage trailers available at Hirepool. Whether you’ve got a vehicle to move or transporting miscellaneous salvaged material, a trailer from Hirepool can make your transporting needs a breeze.

Hire a transport / salvage trailer

transport / salvage trailer is ideal for moving vehicles or various salvaged materials. This car tranpsort trailer comes with various loading set ups so if your transport needs require a specific set up please consult your local branch staff for availablility. 

Hire a shuttle luggage single axle

A shuttle luggage single axle trailer is ideal for fitting a number of suitcases, cartons or other bulk items when going on a trip with a group or on a family holiday. Whether you’re going away on a roadtrip or simply need to take a number of friends or family to the airport, make it quick and easy with a shuttle luggage trailer.

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It’s easy to hire a single or tandem axle trailer at Hirepool. Make sure you’re clear on your load bearing requirements before you hire, so that you can travel safely. To get started, simply fill out a quick quote form or visit your nearest Hirepool branch today.