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Tractor Graders

Hire a tractor grader at your local Hirepool branch. Many projects that require earth moving may also require a tractor grader to achieve a level and smooth finish for areas such as driveways, wide paths or lifestyle sections. Whether you’re completing a new driveway or want to level out an unsealed part of your lifestyle section, a tractor grader will make your job much easier.

Hire a tractor grader

For smaller sections, driveways and lifestyle blocks, consider hiring a 2.5 tonne tractor grader. With a 2400mm grading width, you’ll be able to quickly and easily grade your project. If you’re grading your driveway before sealing, or want to reduce water runoff and erosion on a lifestyle block, this 65 horsepower tractor grader will be perfect.

If you’re about to start your project, consider a digger and/or dumper to help you fill potholes on a driveway or excavate earth, clay and other loose debris for a new project. Using a machine grader rather than grading by hand will make it much faster to achieve your desired level finish.


Grader attachments

Depending on the size of your grading job, you could also consider hiring a grader attachment for a loader. These attachments for loaders are suitable for smaller grading jobs, with a blade width of up to 1200mm.


Get started

It’s easy to hire a grader with Hirepool. Grade your driveway, path, lifestyle section or other area in no time. Before you begin your earthmoving project, we recommend speaking to an expert at your local Hirepool branch about your project requirements and which size grader you might need. To get started, simply visit your nearest Hirepool or fill in a quick quote form to get started.