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Telescopic Booms

Hire a telescopic boom

Hire from our range of telescopic boom equipment to meet your access requirements. Telescopic booms extend straight out of the boom hoist, providing you with additional access benefits, particularly in narrow areas.

Telescopic booms are useful for many industries, including construction, mechanical, engineering, painting, industrial facilities and more. When you need to lift materials or personnel to maximum height, consider a telescopic boom.

With the 360 degrees turntable rotation in either direction, telescopic booms are versatile and will help you get the job done.

Which telescopic boom should you hire?

Before you begin, it’s important to be aware of your job requirements. Consider what sort of surface you’ll be working on, and the maximum height that you require. Also, if you’re transporting multiple personnel or heavy materials, it may be worthwhile to hire a larger telescopic boom.

Smaller telescopic booms range from 14 to 17m, such as this 16m 4 wheel drive telescopic boom. With a working height of up to 16m, this boom is perfect for most residential or warehousing jobs.

Our larger telescopic jobs will be ideal for commercial jobs that require high access. Our largest telescopic boom is 28 metres high. With a safe working load of 227kg, this will be suitable for lifting multiple personnel and materials to hard to access areas.

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It’s easy to hire a telescopic boom with Hirepool. To get started, visit your local Hirepool branch to talk about your access requirements, or fill out a form online.