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Hire a tarpaulin

As part of any project, whether its a kitchen renovation or an outdoor landscaping project, there will always be a clean-up involved. Using a tarpaulin makes clean-up time much easier and faster, and not to mention they can help you prevent damage to carpets, concrete and other surfaces. 

We have a selection of tarpaulins available for hire from Hirepool, from 4x4m to 9x6m in size. With heavy canvas material, our tarpaulins will prevent water, paint, woodchips, cuttings, clippings and other materials from touching the ground.

Best uses for tarpaulins

Tarpaulins are great for covering machinery like earth moving equipment. If you’ve hired a skid loader that you’re using to transport earth and other materials, you may need to store it overnight. It could be worthwhile to use a tarpaulin to cover it so its protected from the elements.  

Covering the top of your trailer

If you’ve hired a cage trailer and used it to transport loose materials such as branches and other garden clippings, a tarpaulin will help to keep them safe and secure during the journey.

Painting and decorating

Part of any good prep work for a painting and decorating job will include laying down drop sheets and tarpaulins to protect carpets, wooden floors and other surfaces from paint or varnish. 

Tarpaulins can be better drop sheets than using cloth like old sheets as they won’t absorb paint, making them easier to clean afterwards. 

Get started

Whatever your intended use for a tarpaulin, hiring one when you only need it for a short period of time is a fantastic way to save money. Plus, you get the convenience of not having to store the tarpaulin after use. To hire a tarp, simply use our online booking system - it’s easy! You can also visit or call your nearest Hirepool branch if you’d like to chat to one of our Hirepool experts.