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Hire from our selection of submersible water pumps. If you need to fully submerge your pump in water, for construction work or emptying a pool, then a submersible pump will be ideal. We have both single phase and three phase submersible pumps available for hire.

Hire a single phase submersible pump

We have a range of single phase submersible pumps available for hire, from 80 litres per minute (lpm) to 200 litres per minute. With a 25mm nozzle, this single phase submersible pump is perfect for dewatering a pool or worksite. We also stock single phase power splitters if you need to distribute power safely to your pump.

Hire a three phase submersible pump

For larger dewatering requirements, consider hiring a three phase submersible pump. With a 40m head, this 1700 litres per minute three phase submersible pump is ideal for unclogging drains after heavy rain or dewatering your construction site. If you’re dewatering with a three phase pump, this 4 to 12 outlet three phase power splitter will be ideal for working in damp areas.

If you need a heavy duty pump, check out our 4000 litres per minute three phase submersible pump. This powerful machine will help dewater larger areas and a variety of different liquids and small solids.

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It’s simple to hire a single phase or three phase submersible pump with Hirepool. Before you start, consider talking to a Hirepool expert to discuss your specific requirements. All of our submersible pump equipment is accompanied by easy to follow operating instructions, so you can get started right away. To start the hiring process, fill out a quick quote form online or visit your nearest Hirepool branch.