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Smooth Double Drum Rollers

Hire from our selection of double drum rollers at Hirepool. For smoothing and compacting jobs where you require power and efficiency, a double drum roller is perfect. Double drum rollers help you flatten and prep an area twice as quickly, giving you extra coverage and allowing you to smooth the surface faster. We’ve got a range of double drum rollers, from pedestrial double drums rollers to ride-on double drum rollers. Check out our range of rollers for hire now.

Hire a pedestrial double drum roller

Finish your job faster with a double drum pedestrial roller. This 640kg pedestrial double drum roller helps you compact material before asphalting, building foundations and driveways. The added mobility of pedestrial double drum rollers makes them fast and efficient at completing your compaction jobs. Achieve a smooth, compact finish with a double drum roller today.

Hire a ride-on double drum roller

Add extra control and compaction ability to your job with a 1.5 tonne double drum roller, perfect for compacting materials in driveways or building foundations. This smaller sized roller is towable, so it’s easy to transport to your worksite. If you’re working on small road works jobs or repair work, take a look at your 4 - 5 tonne double drum roller.

For heavy duty compacting, consider hiring a 7 - 8 tonne double drum roller. Suitable for asphalt surfaces and granular sub bases, this roller is perfect for larger jobs like road shoulders.  

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It’s easy to hire double drum rollers with Hirepool. Whether you’re compacting a driveway or preparing a new road for laying asphalt, we have a number of double drum rollers that will fit your needs. To get started, simply fill out a quick quote form or visit your nearest Hirepool branch.