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Get your demolition job completed faster by hiring a sledge hammer. Sledge hammers are great for heavy duty tasks like breaking apart gib, timber frames, driving stakes into the ground and various other uses.

We have a range of sledge hammer sizes, from 8lb to 10lb. Make sure you check your nearest Hirepool branch for specific availability. 

Uses for sledges hammers

Sledge hammers can be used for all sorts of jobs, but are suited to heavier duty tasks. Here are a few things you could use your sledge hammer for:

Breaking apart concrete slabs

If you’re getting rid of an old concrete pathway on your property with the intention of laying a new one, breaking up concrete slabs will make them much easier to move. If you’ll also be transporting the concrete or you have a large path, you may want to consider hiring a mini skid loader to make the job easier.

Driving stakes into the ground

If you’re having an outdoor function and will require stakes being hammered into the ground, or you need to firmly drive a fence post into the ground, you’ll need a sledge hammer to get the job done.


Any big demolition job will require the use of a sledge hammer if you don’t want to be there all day. From removing internal walls, breaking down timber frames, to removing gib and joists, a sledge hammer will make it simple.

Get started

Whatever you’ll need a sledge hammer for, you can hire one at Hirepool. We’ve got a range of sledge hammers and other tools available for your landscaping or renovation job, outdoor event or any other job coming up. To get started, simply use our online booking system to get a quote and check availability. You can also visit your nearest Hirepool branch.