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Silenced Three Phase Generators

If you need to generate power, whether it’s on a worksite or for a musical set, we’ve got the equipment you’ll need at Hirepool. Depending on your power requirements, we have trailerised three phase generators and skid generators available.

Hire a trailerised three phase generator

If you’re providing power to a business, office or worksite, our range of versatile trailerised three phase generators will be perfect for the job.

With wheels for easy transport and extra maneuverability, hire this 20kva to 29kva silenced generator for continuous power delivery. With a range of uses, you could also consider this 15kva to 19kva towable generator

If you require a heavier duty generator but want the benefits of the trailer, check out this powerful 90kva to 109kva silenced towable three phase generator. This diesel powered generator will meet most heavy duty power requirements and is quick and easy to get to the worksite.

Hire a skid mounted three phase power generator

For a more permanent three phase power generator fixture, hire our 900 kva to 1090kva three phase generator. This generator is ideal if you require a back-up power source for your building or a reliable power source for an event. Talk to your local Hirepool about your specific requirements.

If you’re looking for a smaller sized skid mounted generator that can still reliably power an event or act as a back-up for critical power requirements like deep freezers, this 500 kva to 699 kva marine generator could be a good fit.

For lower level three phase generators for use where power is not conveniently available, check out our 90kva silenced skid mounted generator. Perfect for your worksite, this mounted generator is reasonably compact.

Get started

It’s simple to hire a three phase generator with Hirepool. Power your way through an event, construction job or have a reliable back-up power source in case of a power cut for your business needs. All of our generators come with easy to follow operating instructions. Depending on your specific requirements, consider talking to a local Hirepool expert about your power distribution needs. To get started, fill out a quick quote form online or visit your nearest Hirepool branch.