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Hire a wallboard screw driver

Make it easier and faster to hang wallboards like drywall in your home with a wallboard screw driver. We have a range of  high quality wallboard screw drivers with automatic loading strips available, depending on your preferences.

Types of wallboard screw drivers

Wallboard screw drivers, much like a nail gun, allow you to quickly fire multiple screws into drywall, making it much faster to complete your fitting job. 

Choose a battery screw gun for added convenience when screwing your drywall into timber framing. With this cordless model, you won’t need to worry about power leads getting in the way, or if you have access issues with electricity. 

We also have high quality electric screw guns for hire to get your interior building project completed faster. Like our battery screw guns, these have simple loading strips which cut down the time you’d spend hanging drywall with a traditional cordless drill.

Hire a nail gun

Before putting up drywall, you’ll likely be putting together timber framing. Use a nail gun rather than a hammer and nails to make it easier to complete your job faster. 

Get started

Hanging wallboards can be a time consuming process, especially as you juggle multiple other interior renovation tasks. Make it faster to hang wallboards like drywall by hiring a wallboard screw driver. The hiring process is simple. To get started, simply use our online booking system and choose to pick up or have the equipment delivered. You can also visit your nearest Hirepool branch if that’s easier.