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Scissorlift 18m 4 Wheel Drive Diesel Large Deck

Scissorlift 18m 4 Wheel Drive Diesel Large Deck

Used in the construction, painting, cleaning industries, overhead lighting and plumbing industries. Film and television industry. Four wheel drive (4WD) capabilities offer a safe and efficient way for a variety of external applications without preparation of the ground within factiries, warehouses etc.

Scissorlifts are used where less reach and height, but more work area and lifting capabilities are required. They are designed to provide larger platform work areas and generally allow for heavier loads to be carried compared with boom lifts.

Specifications (will vary by model)

Group Number : 409F
Make : Various
Model : Various
Working Height : 17.1 to 18.15m
Platform Height : 15.1 to 16.15
Safe Working Load (Total) : 500 to 680kg
Safe Working Load Extension Deck : 113 to 227kg
Platform Size : 3.98 x 1.83m to 5.3 to 1.9m
Platform Size Extended : 6.57 x 1.83m to 7.3 x 1.9m
Stowed Width : 2.13 to 2.57m
Stowed Length : 4.27 to 5.3m
Stowed Height : 2.97 to 3.15m
Weight : 6790 to 9190kg
Gradeability : 30 to 45%
Ground Clearance : 0.20 to 0.36m
Drive Height Platform : 7.9 to 10m
Height Hand Rails Folded : 2.11 to 2.47m
Non Marking Tyres : No
Maximum Levelling Abiltiy Front to Back : 7 deg
Maximum Levelling Abiltiy Side to Side : 12 deg

Specification Sheets

Genie GS5390RT 18m PDF 1012 KB

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Scissorlift 18m 4 Wheel Drive Diesel Large Deck

Instruction for Use Sheet

Safety Notes

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Transport Notes

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