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Scissor Lifts

Hire a scissor lift

Hire from our selection of access equipment. Scissor lifts provide a safe method to work at varying heights. They also provide more workspace and greater lifting capacity compared with boom lifts. Depending on the size of your job, whether it’s painting overhead, construction, accessing a roof or working in a warehouse, a scissor lift may be what you need.

Smaller scissor lifts

Before you hire a scissor lift, consider the height that you’ll require. For internal applications, such as putting up lighting indoors, a 2 wheel battery scissor lift may be suitable. This 8m scissor lift might be useful. With a 2 wheel, slab compact battery model, this scissor lift has a 227 to 230kg working load.

Larger scissor lifts

For higher access requirements, consider a 14m, 4 wheel electric scissor lift. This scissor lift has a medium sized deck, and a 500 - 680kg working load. For large jobs, consider the 18m 4 wheel drive diesel scissor lift. With the 4wd capability, you can work on a number of different surfaces safely.

If you need a large working platform, our 14m 4 wheel drive large deck scissor lift will be ideal. With between 3m - 1.8m and 3.98m to 2.8m of platform space, you’ll be able to carry materials, work with multiple people and complete your job faster.

Get started

It’s easy to hire a scissor lift with Hirepool. All of our access equipment comes with simple to follow operating instructions. Before you begin your job, consider speaking to your local Hirepool expert about your specific requirements.