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Hire scaffolding and ladder equipment

Work safely by hiring from our range of scaffolding and ladder equipment at your local Hirepool. We have a wide range of scaffolding and ladder equipment, including step ladders, ladder extensions, acrow props, and aluminium planks. Depending on your job, you may require an extension ladder for painting your home, or scaffolding equipment for a commercial project.

Hire a step ladder and ladder extensions

Access harder to reach areas safely by hiring a step ladder or step ladder extension. We have a number of durable, alloy step ladders available for your DIY or commercial project. Lightweight and easy to transport, sizes range from 1.3 metres up to 4 metres. Talk to a Hirepool expert about determining which ladder size will suit your job best.

Hire a ladder extension

If you require a higher step ladder, consider hiring a step ladder extension.  With 7 - 9 metres in extendable height, these alloy ladder extensions are durable and safe to use. When not in use, these ladders can be compacted to fit in a truck or van.

Have a read of Worksafe New Zealand’s ladder use guidelines if you’re unsure on how to use a ladder safely.

Hire acrow props

Acrow props help to hold or shore up scaffolding while working. With 3 sizes available, our acrow props can support up to 31KN and have heights ranging from 1.032m to 3.41m. Make sure you’re aware of your scaffolding requirements before hiring, or speak to your local Hirepool expert.

Hire trestles and planks

For use between ladders or as part of a scaffolding structure, hiring trestles and planks will allow you to paint safely at height, or provide a stable elevation for working. We have a range of base plates, platforms, guardrails and more available. Speak to your local Hirepool expert about your specific requirements and availability today.

Get started

It’s easy to hire scaffolding or ladder equipment with Hirepool. Our equipment comes with easy to understand operating instructions. Whether you’re completing a job at home or a commercial project, talk to your local Hirepool expert about what you might require.