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Our selection of saws are ideal for all types of cutting jobs, from abrasive wood cutting right through to finishing or sawing concrete.

Hire a concrete saw

For cutting various materials, such as metal or masonry, consider hiring a concrete grinder. This 2 stroke petrol concrete grinder is lightweight and portable, making it easy to carry around a job site. Make sure you use water when cutting concrete to reduce hazards from dust.

For concrete cutting jobs where you won’t need to move around, hire this concrete cutting tub saw. 

Hire a mitre saw or circular saw

Check out our selection of mitre saws (also known as drop saws) and circular saws (also known as skill saws), or achieving various cuts.

Mitre saws are great for angled or finishing cuts, such as putting together a deck or fence. Circular saws are best for framing, flooring or generally more abrasive wood cuts.

Hire a sabre saw

Our range of sabre saws can help with access issues because of their longer blades. They can easily cut through metal or timber, making them a dynamic tool that’s great for all kinds of work.

Hire a jig saw

If you’re cutting timber or metal where curved cuts are required, consider hiring a jig saw. This easy to maneuver saw is lightweight and can be easily used in the garage or on a worksite.

Get started

Whatever your saw requirements are, from cutting concrete through to curved cuts, we’ve got a selection of saws that are right for the job. Hiring a saw from Hirepool is easy. You can hire your tools and equipment from the comfort of your own home - just use our simple booking system and you’ll be set! You can also visit or call your nearest Hirepool branch if you’d like to chat further about your job requirements.