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Rotary Hoes

Check out the range of rotary hoes and stump grinders at your local Hirepool branch. We’ve got a range of landscaping equipment depending on the requirements of your DIY or commercial job.

Rotary hoes are ideal for taking the time and manual labour out of turning in soil. Lightweight and easy to use, make your next gardening task much faster with our rotary hoe range.

Hire a rotary hoe cultivator

Make your backyard flower and vegetable gardening a breeze with a rotary hoe cultivator. Perfect for loosening and turning soil in smaller sized gardens, our cultivators are compact and easy to operate.

From 2 - 5 horse power, our cultivators are ideal to help sow new lawns for planting. Our mini 5 hp cultivator is only 37kg making it great for smaller garden jobs.


Hire a hydrostatic rotary hoes

For larger garden or landscaping projects, you should use a hydrostatic rotary hoe. These are perfect for preparing rough ground for sowing or planting, this range is heavier duty with up to 16 hp available.

To get the job done fast, take a look at our 13 to 16hp hydrostatic rotary hoe. With forward and reverse gears, it’s well suited to working heavier garden plots.