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We have a range of different roller types to complete your compaction job. Before you complete a task like asphalting, building foundations or paving a new driveway, you’ll need to ensure that you have a dense, load-bearing surface. From pedestrial, remote or ride-on rollers, we’ve got the equipment that will fit your job requirements.

Hire a pedestrial roller

Our easy to use pedestrial rollers will help you smooth soil, sand, bitumen and other surfaces. This 750kg, tandem, dual drum roller makes it easy to achieve a compact, smooth finish on whichever compacting job you need to complete.

Hire a remote roller

Remote rollers are ideal for compacting materials in trenches and other hard to reach areas. This heavy-duty 1.4 tonne remote roller can be used to compact materials in trenches before and after laying cables or piping. We have optional padfoot and smooth drum options depending on your requirements.

Hire a ride-on roller

We have a wide selection of ride-on rollers available for hire. If you’re looking to finish and smooth surfaces after compaction, consider hiring this 14 - 16 tonne multi-tyred roller. Alternatively, we also have static weight rollers which are suitable for finishing granular, semi-cohesive and cohesive materials. For more versatile use, consider hiring this 2 - 3 tonne combination roller, for smaller construction jobs.

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It’s easy to hire a roller for your smoothing and finishing jobs with Hirepool. Whether you’re compacting a smaller area or working on a commercial job, our selection of rollers will help you complete the job faster. Before you begin, consider speaking to your local Hirepool expert to discuss your specific requirements.  To get started, either fill out of quick quote form online or visit your nearest Hirepool branch.