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Padfoot Rollers

Rollers Construction Smooth Drum/Padfoot 11-15 tonne

A medium/large sized roller suitable for roads, parking lots, trench back fills, building foundations with granular and semi-cohesive materials with the padfoot shells fitted as an option.

Specifications (will vary by model)

Group Number : 276B
Weight(kg) : 12050/14230
Overall width(mm) : 2250/2373
Height(mm) : 2950
Length(mm) : 5430/5705
Drum width(mm) : 2130/2140
Drum type : Smooth/padfoot
Centrifugal force high/low(kN) : 249/146 - 256/215
Amplitude high/low(mm) : 1.7/0.8 - 1.95/0.9

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