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Hire paint preparation equipment

Hire from our range of painting preparation equipment at your local Hirepool branch. We have a wide selection of preparation equipment, including heat gun paint strippers, belt sanders, steamers, paint burn-off sets, walk-behind floor strippers  and more. Regardless of whether you’ve got a smaller painting job or a larger commercial paint job to complete, we’ve got the equipment you’ll need.

Hire a heat gun paint stripper

Removing old paint can be a long and tiring task. By hiring a heat gun paint stripper, you can use hot air to warm paint, making it easier to remove. Heat gun paint strippers are ideal for removing many layers of paint, without using chemicals. They’re also great to loosening paint in harder to reach areas.

Hire a wallpaper steamer

Stripping wallpaper is easier and faster when you use a wallpaper steamer. By applying steam to the wallpaper, it lifts it off of the plaster, making it easier to remove. With a 7.5 litre tank capacity, this wallpaper steamer is ideal for smaller jobs.

Paint burn-off sets

When working across large spaces, using paint burn-off equipment makes removing old paint much easier. With an easy to transport gas LPG canister, you can quickly burn off paint to prepare an area. Our paint burn-off equipment runs at an economical 3.8 - 6.2kg/hr. Paint burn-off equipment is also useful for warming linoleum floor tiles before removing them.  

Walk-behind floor stripper

Whether you’re removing a floor finish or stripping linoleum and other materials from the floor, a walk-behind floor stripper will help. Before refinishing a floor, you’ll likely need to remove the old finish, or strip wax floor finishes to create an even surface. A walk-behind floor stripper will allow you to quickly strip your floor. This walk-behind floor stripper is easy to manoeuver and has an adjustable height for multiple lifting angles.

Hire a sander

Belt sanders take the effort out of manual sanding jobs. Get a perfect, smooth finish in much less time by using a belt sander. Whether you’re sanding weatherboards, furniture, or other parts of your home,  this 5.7kg belt sander is easy to use and has a 100 x 610 mm belt width, making it perfect for bigger jobs.

Get started

It’s easy to hire paint preparation equipment with Hirepool. All of our equipment comes with easy to understand operating instructions. Speak to your local Hirepool expert about what you might need for your paint preparation job.