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Powder Actuated Fastener

Hire a powder actuated fastener

Easily fire fasteners through timber into concrete or steel with a powder actuated fastener. Our selection of powder actuated fasteners will help you to join hard materials together for a secure fit. See our range today.

Using a powder actuated fastener

Before operating, make sure you’ve loaded the tool with the correct pin and charge for its application. If there are others around you, let them know you’ll be firing 3 seconds in advance. After firing, make sure the spent shell is removed from the gun and repeat the same process until the work is complete.

Powder actuated fastener safety

It’s important to take extra precautions while using powder actuated fasteners. Always treat powder actuated tools with the same respect as a firearm. Our Hirepool team always complete maintenance checks before equipment is hired. It’s always a good idea to double check the tool has a current warrant of fitness and that the operator holds the correct licence for commercial use.

Hire a nail gun

If you’re looking to join two pieces of timber together rather than joining concrete or steel and timber, consider hiring a nail gun instead. We’ve have a selection of nail guns for finishing and fixing work, depending on the job you need to complete. 

Getting started

If you need a heavy duty fastener capable of joining hard materials, then a powder actuated fastener will be right for the job. Before you hire, consider speaking to a Hirepool expert about your specific requirements. Getting started is easy. Either use our online booking system to secure your booking or visit your nearest Hirepool branch today.