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Post Hole Borers

Hire a post hole borer or accessory from our range at your local Hirepool branch. Our range of post hole borers and accessories are suitable for many of your DIY or landscaping needs.

Hire a post hole borer

Take the time and effort away from digging holes with a post hole borer. Hole borers make it easy to create posts holes for fences, building piles, plants, drains and more.

Our range includes one or two person borers, with motorised and hydraulic options, and up to 0.9metres of digging depth and 50 - 200 mm hole diameter.

For smaller landscaping tasks, we also have non motorised hole borers, with a range of accessory options. These are perfect for digging a smaller number of holes and clearing drains or soak holes around your garden.

Post hole borers make it easier to dig through rocky soil or clay. If you’re expecting to encounter tree roots, we have a selection of standard twist auger bits for hand-held motorised borers. With sizes ranging from 100 - 400mm in diameter these auger bits will help to quickly complete your gardening job.

For heavier duty options, check out our hydraulic motorised post hole borers. We also have 100 to 400mm auger bits available. At 85kg these borers are easy to maneuver across larger garden areas.


Operating a post hole borer

The post hole diggers we hire out come with safety and operating instructions. Chat to us about your post hole job and our team will be happy to help out.

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