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Plate Compactors & Rammers

Hire from our selection of plate compactors and rammers for your compacting job. Whether you’re paving a new driveway or path, or completing work on a construction site or road, plate compactors or rammers are ideal for both big or small construction jobs. We have a variety of plate compactor sizes, from 40kg to 500kg, for all of your compacting needs.

Hire a plate compactor

Plate compactors help you compact your base material before further finishing work, like asphalting. We’ve got a number of different compacting sizes, so you can be sure you achieve the desired density of soil, sand, bitumen or other material that you’re working with. For small compacting jobs, consider hiring this 50kg to 65kg plate compactor. Used for compacting cobblestones, roadbase, fill or bitumen, this 350mm plate width compactor is easy and light to maneuver around your job site.

For larger compacting needs, we have reversible plate compactors to ensure you achieve exceptional compaction. This 500kg reversible plate compactor is an ideal heavy duty compacting solution, and perfect for compacting road bases, trench fill or other materials.

Hire a tamping rammer

Our selection of tamping rammers help you to access harder to reach areas and complete patchwork jobs on roads, driveways and paths.

This 40kg to 65kg tamping rammer is ideal for compacting trench materials or completing smaller patching jobs. For smaller jobs, consider a handheld air rammer. The handheld rammer is perfect for achieving compaction in harder to access areas. For operating a handheld air rammer, you may also require an air compressor. See our range of air compressors here.

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It’s easy to hire a plate compactor or rammer with Hirepool. Whether you’re completing a smaller repair job or working on construction sites, roads or other areas, our selection of plate compactors and rammers can help you complete your job quickly and effectively. Getting started is simple, just fill out a quick quote form online or visit your nearest Hirepool location.