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Improve your access on your worksite and complete jobs much more efficiently by hiring a personnel lift. A personnel lift allows you to raise people and small amounts of materials vertically. They’re compact and typically have a tight turning radius, which makes them perfect for narrow workspaces like warehouses.

11m electric plugin personnel lift

Hire our 11m personnel lift for all of your access needs. This personnel lift is best suited to internal applications such as warehouses, painting, plastering, lighting, working in shopping malls and theatres, and other uses.

Because of its compact size, you can fit this personnel lift through standard doorways and lifts. This makes it incredibly dynamic for whichever job you need to complete that requires access.

With non-marking tyres and AC power operation, this personnel lift has single person operation, and is fitted with outriggers for added operational stability and safety.

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It’s quick and easy to hire a personnel lift with Hirepool. Simply fill in an online application form or visit your local Hirepool branch to get started. Depending on your job requirements, make sure that you speak to an expert about which access equipment will be best suited for your job.