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Padfoot Rollers

We’ve got a wide selection of padfoot rollers that’ll help you complete your compaction job quickly and effectively. Padfoot rollers use tapered pads to compact materials and build-up their strength to increase their durability. From 4 tonne to 20 tonne padfoot rollers, you’ll be able to easily compact trench backfills, road shoulders, parking lots, driveways and other compaction tasks. Our rollers have an optional padfoot or smooth drum shells depending on your requirements.

Hire a 7 - 9.9 tonne padfoot roller

Our 7 - 9.9 tonne padfoot roller is ideal for most compaction tasks. Achieve a uniform compaction on roads, parking lots, trench backfills, building foundations and other areas with this medium sized roller. Suitable for granular or semi-cohesive materials, the padfoot shell ensures that you'll achieve a dense compaction of the materials that you’re working with.

Hire a 19 - 20 tonne padfoot roller

This large sized 19 - 20 tonne padfoot roller is perfect for completing larger construction jobs, such as roadworks, buildings and parking lots. Suitable for compacting a range of materials, from granular to semi-cohesive, this roller will quickly improve area density before asphalting or other preparation for heavy loads.

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Depending on the type of job you’re going to complete, a padfoot, single drum or double drum roller may be best. We recommend that you speak to a Hirepool expert before you begin your task to make sure you have the correct roller for your requirements.

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It’s easy to hire a padfoot roller with Hirepool. Whether you’re working on construction sites, roads, driveways or other work areas, a padfoot roller will help you complete your compaction job for your construction project. To get started, simply fill out a quick quote form or visit your nearest Hirepool branch today.