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Get the party started with us!


We all know amazing, memorable and incredible things happen when people get together. That’s why Hirepool has always been passionate about delivering magical event experiences over a number of years. And now we’re ridiculously excited to announce our very own exceptional combination! By mixing Hirepool Events and Canterbury’s renowned Continental Events division we’ve created New Zealand’s largest, upmarket and aspirational event hire company: Continental Event Hire.

Our new and refined mission is to make dreams come true – to make events remarkable. Whether it’s a private dinner at home, a high-end wedding in the middle of a spectacular nowhere, an intimate corporate gathering on a inner-city rooftop or a large-scale entertainment event or tradeshow.

As well as being amazingly inspiring we know that it’s just as important to provide practical assistance and helpful advice to deliver a total event solution. We specialise in offering everything from grand marquees and luxury toilets to fine dining crockery, and right down to exceptional service that is unrivalled countrywide. By partnering with you, together we can create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. We will bring your event ideas to life and have everything you need to make it happen – wherever and whatever it may be.

And we appreciate that you – a person with discerning good taste; perhaps a small, but manageable Pinterest habit; recognises professionalism and quality. You require a premium, total event hire experience, where perfection is in the detail. Maybe you‘re a bride, parents of soon-to-be-weds, a wedding planner, or about to host a private party or special event. We understand the significance of these milestones and that they need to reflect the uniqueness of the personalities and circumstances involved to be a perfect occasion. Our knowledge, guidance, attention and access to a huge range of resources will help you realise your vision – from the first interaction you have over the phone right through to the pack down of the event.

So whether you’ve got a kernel of a concept or a date locked down, we’re ready to work with you. Let’s make it a magical mix with your ideas, deadlines and budgets together with Continental Event Hire’s premium event solutions – and make your event remarkable.


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