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Emirates Team NZ chooses Hirepool


Hirepool has been an iconic NZ company for over 60 years, and when another iconic NZ institution came knocking, we were there for them.

ETNZ has won the Americas Cup for NZ twice, and is still the only team in over 160 years of sailing history to win and defend the cup outside of America.

On May 26th 2017 Emirates Team NZ will line up against the world’s best to try and regain the Americas Cup again, this time in the beautiful waters of Bermuda.

But you don’t make it to the start line in an event like this without thousands of hours put in, developing the fastest boat that resources and technology will allow.  And when you have a 50 foot catamaran worth millions of dollars that literally flies above the water, you need the most reliable gear to help you keep the craft safe when on land.

ETNZ chose Hirepool to be their official supplier of rental gear including access machines to help maintain the boat on shore, lifting key components and helping the shore crew access the boat.

At Hirepool we are proud to help Emirates Team NZ on their journey, and will be right there with them on the start line, in their quest to bring the Americas Cup back to New Zealand.

Emirates Team New Zealand

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