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Hire a nail gun

If you’re working with timber, gib or other materials, you should consider using a nail gun to make the job easier and faster. Using a traditional hammer and nails can be cumbersome. A nail gun will allow you to nail several nails in just a couple of minutes, speeding up the job and the effort required to complete it!

A nail gun uses a trigger mechanism to push a channel of compressed air into a piston head to drive a nail into the material you’re working with. With a simple trigger mechanism, they’re pretty easy to use.

Completing a finishing job with a nail gun

If you need to fasten materials like architraves, soffits, skirting boards or picture frames, this finishing nail gun will be ideal for the job. With an easy to operate, portable unit, this nail gun doesn’t require any hoses or power cords either.

Completing a framing job with a nail gun

For constructing timber framing, such as wall framing, fencing, pallets or other similar projects, you’ll require a framing nail gun. This gas powered nail gun is suitable for up to 90mm timber framing. Make your construction job that much easier by hiring a nail gun.

Hire a saw

If you’re working with timber, such as building a deck, you may also need to hire a saw. This mitre saw will help you achieve accurate cuts at many different angles. If you’re working with more abrasive woods, consider hiring this circular saw

Get started

We’ve got nail guns for finishing and framing tasks, so whatever you’re nailing, we can help make it easier and faster. From picture frames through to decks, simplify the job and the time it takes to complete it by hiring a nail gun. It’s simple to get started, just book the equipment you want to hire online using our online booking system. Before you hire, consider getting in touch with your local Hirepool to discuss your requirements.