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Hire top quality log splitters, wood chippers and mulchers with Hirepool. Take the hassle out of removing trees and other garden debris from your landscaping or DIY job.

Convert your garden waste into a resource you can use for your garden. Our splitters, chippers and mulchers are suited for small, medium and large jobs.

Hire a mulcher, chipper or log splitter

Hire a wood chipper, mulcher or log splitter and make clean up quicker after tree pruning and cutting branches or trees around your property.

We have a selection of wood chippers depending on your size and power requirements. You can easily make chip for your garden from small and medium sized branches or chip larger branches to make mulch to cover soil.

Our wood chippers, mulchers and log splitters are towable, making them quick to transport and convenient to hire. Our equipment is either petrol or diesel powered.

For your mulcher hire needs, try our largest wood chipper and convert your garden debris into mulch for your garden.

If you’re looking to get your firewood ready for winter, hire a log splitter for splitting logs for your fireplace. Splitting logs helps them to dry faster, get stacked more easily into log piles, and transport for your convenience. They’ll also be much easier to fit in your fireplace! For heavier logs, use our hydraulic log lifter and splitter.

Hirepool’s wood chipping, mulching and log splitting equipment comes with safety and operating procedure information that you can give to the intended operator. Before starting your job, we recommend spending a few minutes familiarising yourself with the equipment.

Organise your garden debris much faster with a wood chipper, mulcher or log splitter. Talk to Hirepool today.

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How to use log splitter

How to use a Log Splitter

Log Splitters are a popular choice for splitting firewood. However, they are also a specialized piece of equipment that requires some extra knowledge to ensure you split your wood safely. So we’ve provided a foolproof step by step guide on how to operate your Log Splitter safely!