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Mini Skid Steer Loaders

Choose from a range of mini skid steer loaders at Hirepool. We’ve got a range of skid steer loaders depending on the needs of your DIY or commercial job.

Mini skid steer loaders are ideal for tidying up and moving earth around your section or worksite quickly and efficiently. Don’t bust your back - speed up manual work with a mini skid.

Compact and easy to maneuver, mini skid steer loaders are great for use in low height areas or in confined spaces around your worksite or property. With a variety of bucket attachments available, we have loaders with cabs for manual operation, and stand-on options.


Stand-on mini skid steer loader

Mini skid steer loaders are ideal for clearing smaller-scale landscape jobs. We have a stand-on mini skid steer loader which is well-suited for DIY jobs. Move earth and other garden debris with up to a 250 kg lift capacity. At just over 2 metres in length, the mini-skid steer loader will fit small to medium sized properties.


Bobcat mini skid steer loaders

With a durable safety cab, this range of mini skid steer loaders come with a range of bucket and fork attachments.

For extra power, check out our Skidsteer 2.3 tonne loader. It offers up to 1.3 tonne static tipping power. A larger loader, it is around 3 metres in length so is suited towards larger properties.


Operating a mini skid steer loader

Hirepool mini skids come with safety and operating instructions. If hired for commercial use, these can be given to a site supervisor to make this information available to all intended operators.  

While all of our mini skid steer loaders come with instructions, we recommend speaking to your local Hirepool expert to discuss your specific job. Please note that mini skid availability differs across Hirepool branches.

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