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Hire from our selection of mini excavators at your local Hirepool branch. Efficiently and safely make your project more cost-effective and much faster to complete. We’ve got a range of mini excavators depending on the requirements of your home or commercial job.

Hire a mini excavator

Mini excavators are handy for home or commercial jobs that are narrow or have limited access. With 0.9 to 1.8 tonne excavators available, our 4 compact options are available with a variety of excavator attachments.

Ideal for digging trenches, foundations and holes on your property, this limited tail swing, towable 1.5 to 1.7 tonne excavator is well-suited to digging on smaller jobs where site access is difficult.

All of our mini excavators are easy to transport, with a range of trailers to hire available from Hirepool also.

For larger landscaping projects, you should take a look at your 1.8 tonne standard tail swing, towable excavator. With a max digging depth of 2310mm and up to 1918 Kgf of digging force, you’ll be able to quickly dig trenches and holes for your job. With up to 2630mm of dumping height, this excavator will work well combined with a 1.2 tonne skid steer loader.

Depending on the size of your project, consider a standard or limited tail swing option for your mini excavator. This refers to the position of the cab and a limited tail swing will reduce the chances of hitting obstacles on your worksite, especially when working in narrow areas.


Get started

It’s easy to hire a mini-excavator with Hirepool. All of our equipment is accompanied by easy to follow operating instructions. Depending on the size of your earthmoving project, ask a local Hirepool expert if a mini excavator might be right for you. To get started, simply fill in a quick quote form or visit your nearest Hirepool branch today.

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What excavator do you need for your job?

Excavators or diggers are a common piece of equipment that’s used in construction on a day-to-day basis. They’re built for heavy duty digging and hauling - whether it’s gravel or debris you’re trying to move, an excavator will be able to move it quickly and without too much effort. An excavator isn’t just used on construction sites though, and can be helpful in achieving your more ambitious DIY projects on your property too.