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Hire measuring and survey equipment

Any professional finish for a building, landscaping or other job will require accurate measurements. Hire from our range of measuring and survey tools, including laser gradients, tripod and dumpy levels, moisture meters and more.

Hire a moisture meter

Moisture meters give accurate readings of the percentage of water in any substance. Using this information, you can know whether surfaces are stable to build on, going mouldy or need further inspection. Check out the moisture content of wood, paper and other materials now.

Hire survey lasers

Survey pipe lasers/drainage

If you need to check the grade on a pipe, this survey pipe laser will do the job. Make sure you get an accurate reading the first time by using this survey pipe lasers, perfect for drainage and other tasks.

Dual survey laser gradient

A survey laser gradient can give you readings on two slopes on a separate axis at the same time, which means you can come up with a compound grade. 

Hire a measuring wheel

Best for long walking distance measuring, this measuring wheel is a simple to operate tool that can give you an indication of distance. To use it, simply walk forward, pushing the measuring wheel in front of you. It will click each time that one metre is covered.

Hire a metal/pipe/stud detector

If you’re drilling underground, looking for studs or need to find pipes, this metal detector can do the job. Easily find metal objects buried in the ground or studs behind dry drywall.

Get started

Measuring and surveying is an important job, and definitely one you can’t afford to skip while completing your landscaping, building or other job. The hiring process is easy. To get started, simply use our online booking system to secure the equipment you need. Or pop into your nearest Hirepool branch to chat to our helpful team.