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Hire from our range of mast lifts with Hirepool. Similar to a scissor lift, a mast lift allows you to vertically raise personnel or materials for easier and faster access, reach or transport.  They’re simple to operate and have a number of features such as guard rails and auto-braking for added safety. Depending on the size of your job, we have mast lifts with 3.5 m reach up to 10m reach available for hire.

Types of mast lifts

Our 3.5m to 4.2m manual mast lift is perfect for internal applications such as construction, warehousing, entertainment and more. With an easy to use operating handle, step-ladders and safety rails, this mast lift is simple to operate and will help you get your access job completed much faster. This mast lift also auto brakes on elevation for added safety.

For medium sized reach requirements, consider the 5.7m 2 wheel battery mast lift. Best for general applications such as painting, cleaning and other general overhead work, this compact machine will make your access job much more efficient.  

Our largest mast lift has a 8m working height and has a number of applications. Battery operated, like the rest of our mast lifts, it’s best suited for indoor work. With a safe working load of 159kg, this mast lift will allow you to lift personnel and materials with ease. Despite its 8m working height, this mast lift has a tight turning radius making it ideal for working in narrow spaces.

Get started

Hiring a mast lift is easy. Simply fill out an online application form or visit your local Hirepool branch. Depending on your job, we recommend speaking to your local Hirepool expert to discuss your particular job requirements. All of our access equipment comes with safety and operating instructions. Get started today with Hirepool.