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Loader Attachments

Hire from our diverse selection of loader attachments at your local Hirepool branch today. From bucket attachments, post hole borers and rotary hoes, chain trenchers and mini graders, our range of loader attachments give you the ability to complete a number of landscaping or earthmoving tasks with your wheel loader. Depending on your project and the wheel loader that you hire, we’ve got different sized attachments for your specific requirements.

Hire a loader mini bucket 4 in 1 attachment

Grade driveways or other areas, scrape or grapple loose debris and move earth with the 4 in 1 loader attachment. This dynamic loader attachment fits skid loaders or wheel loaders and is easy to attach. Talk to your local Hirepool expert about your project and if this attachment is right for you.


Hire a mini post hole borer attachment

Ideal for digging post holes, this post hole borer attachment can help with digging a variety of post hole sizes. With a variable speed of 0 - 40 rpm, this post hole borer attachment will make it easier and faster to dig post holes. We also stock auger attachments which are great for removing debris from post holes.


Hire a chain trencher attachment

Chain trenchers are great for cutting earth that is too hard to cut with a bucket excavator. You can attach this chain trencher to your loader for digging trenches to lay power or telephone cables or drainage pipes. With up to 915mm of trenching depth and 70% rock teeth, this chain trencher attachment will cut through compact earth easily.


Hire a rotary hoe attachment

Use a rotary hoe to turn over or break-up ground before digging or planting. With a 1000m cutting width, this rotary hoe loader attachment will allow you to quickly and easily turn soil before further landscaping. For denser earth areas, try the ground ripper attachment.  


Hire a grader attachment

If you’re looking to grade or level an area of land, consider using this grader attachment. This is perfect for attaching to your loader and grading driveways, paths and lifestyle sections without the need for hiring a grader. With a 1200mm grading width, this is more suited for smaller areas. If you’re grading larger areas, see our selection of graders.


Get started

Hire a loader attachment and complete your earthmoving project even faster. All of our attachments come with easy to follow operating instructions. Before you begin your project, we recommend speaking to a Hirepool expert about your specific requirements and which attachments might be best for you. To get started, visit your nearest Hirepool branch or fill in a quick quote form to get started.