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In the absence of natural light, a construction space can be a dangerous place to work in, especially without any other source of lighting. Working before dawn or after dusk is sometimes necessary though! Whether you need to work before or after peak traffic times, or the job you’re working on might be disrupted by the hot sun, after-hours jobs are fairly common.

These IFU's contain information for the safe use and operation of equipment. The are in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader to be viewed.


The two main types of lighting you can get for construction jobs are light towers and flood lights. Light towers are great to use at a construction site as they can illuminate a large area. Flood lights can be used for the same purpose, but are also a great addition to backyard parties or events. 


In large areas, lighting accessories such as extension cords can come in handy to extend your reach. It’s hard to know where the closest power source may be on an unfamiliar site, so these extension cords can come in handy. Other accessories we offer include multi-plugs for when you need to use more than one tool at a time and splitter boxes too. 

It might also be worthwhile to hire a generator when you’re working at remote locations. It’s not uncommon for there to be no power sources available at some work locations, so having a generator on-site may be necessary.

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