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Get high quality lawn mowers, edgers and rollers with Hirepool. It’s convenient and cost-effective to rent gardening and landscaping equipment for DIY jobs around your property or for your worksite.

Hire a Lawn Mower or Edge Trimmer

From lawn mowers for hire to edgers and lawn rollers, our range of lawn equipment will help you easily and accurately complete gardening and landscaping jobs, and get your backyard looking great in no time.

Whether you’re establishing a new lawn or maintaining a current one, our mowers, edgers and rollers are available with different heights, cutting widths and catcher sizes.

Hire a lawn mower for domestic purposes - complete with catchers, our mowers are easy to transport and ready to do the job!

Depending on your requirements, our equipment comes in petrol, electric and battery powered options too.

For finishing your lawn or firming its surface after sowing, try our easy to maneuver water-filled lawn roller. It’s lightweight to move and simple to fill.

Our equipment comes with clear safety instructions and operating procedure sheets, so anyone on your job site or property will be able to operate it.

The hiring process at Hirepool is easy. Simply fill in a quick quote or head to your local branch to get started.

Get your lawns looking tidy and neat.  Talk to Hirepool today.

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Preparing your garden and lawn for winter

It can be a bit of a miserable task gardening in winter. Cold, windy or wet days certainly don’t make for the most enjoyable gardening experience! Maintaining the lawn in blistering cold winds isn't much better either! You can stay on top of your garden and lawn by preparing them for the cooler months ahead by getting necessary jobs done before winter sets in.