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Knuckleboom 15m 2 Wheel Drive Battery Electric

Knuckleboom 15m 2 Wheel Drive Battery Electric

Used in the construction, mechanical, electrical, painting and entertainment industries to lift personnel and materials to height, with up, out and over positioning capabilities.

Purpose built machine designed to access any workplace at height in a safe and productive way. Knucklebooms have the advantage of reaching up and over obstacles to get personnel and materials direct to the work area.

Specifications (will vary by model)

Group Number : 404B
Make : Various
Model : Various
Working Height : 12.52 to 15.92m
Platform Height : 10.52 to 13.92m
Safe Working Load (Total) : 227 to 250kg
Safe Working Load Extension Deck : N/A
Platform Size : 0.76 x 1.20m to 0.76 x 1.83m
Platform Size Extended : N/A
Stowed Width : 1.50 to 1.79M
Stowed Length : 5.77 to 6.83m
Stowed Height : 1.98 to 2.06m
Weight : 5216 to 7394kg
Horizontal Reach : 4.6m @ 6.78m to 7.7m @ 7.7m
Gradeability : 25 to 35%
Ground Clearance : 0.13 to 0.24m
Wheelbase : 1.88 to 2.03m
Platform Rotation : 160 to 180 degrees
Turnable Rotation : 355 to 360 degrees
Turntable Tailswing : Zero

Specification Sheets

JLG E450AJ 15.7m PDF 2.05 MB

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Knuckleboom 15m 2 Wheel Drive Battery Electric

Instruction for Use Sheet

Safety Notes

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