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Hire a knuckle boom crane with Hirepool.  Similar to a crane, a knuckle boom is a purpose built machine that helps to transport personnel and materials to hard to reach areas. Whether you’re working in the construction, mechanical, engineering, electric, painting or sports and entertainment industries, a knuckle boom will provide you with fast and easy access to high areas.

Our machines are safe, and are equipped with an operator anti-crushing system. All of our equipment also comes with operating instructions for safe use.

Which knuckle boom should you hire?

We have knuckle booms with varying working and platform heights, depending on your requirements.

For smaller jobs, consider hiring an 11m, 2 wheel drive knuckle boom. The 11m working height will allow you to complete indoor jobs, like warehousing, as well as work in outdoor areas. With up to 0.76 x 1.22m of platform size, this knuckle boom is better suited to smaller teams or materials.

For larger jobs, consider a 43m 4 wheel drive knuckle boom. With a powerful diesel engine, you can easily drive over rough surfaces to get the best access. This knuckle boom has a 0.91 - 2.44m platform making it perfect for multiple personnel.  The 4wd knuckle booms are equipped to handle rougher terrain, and the machine is battery operated making it quieter than a diesel engine.

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Talk to a Hirepool expert about hiring a knuckle boom today. They’ll be able to advise you on the best requirements for your job. To get started, simply fill in an online quote form or visit the Hirepool in your area.