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Hedge Trimmers

Hire hedge trimmers, line trimmers and attachments from Hirepool. We’ve got a range of trimming equipment to suit your DIY or commercial maintenance job.

Hire a hedge or line trimmer

Pruning and maintaining hedges, bushes and shrubs regularly keeps them healthy and looking great in your garden. Choose from our range of battery, electric and petrol powered hedge or line trimmers, telescopics or extenders to keep your hedges in order.

If you’re looking for a lightweight option to maintain smaller hedges you could try our battery powered trimmers. Because they’re cordless, they’re a lot more convenient to use quickly around smaller gardens and without the hassle of dragging power leads around the lawn!

If you have a heavier duty job, check out the more powerful but still compact petrol hedge trimmer. Talk to your Hirepool expert to discuss your specific needs.


Hire an extender or attachment

We have both petrol and electric telescopic hedge trimmer extenders for making high or long reach hedge trimming fast and accurate.

With a selection of different cutting strengths and extender lengths, you’ll be able to trim your hedges easily. If you’re working with larger hedges, you could try a hedge trimmer extender attachment, which extends over 3 metres.  

To reduce mess and clean-up time, we recommend using a tarpaulin or drop sheet to catch garden debris.

All of our equipment comes with simple to follow operating instructions.

We recommend speaking to your local Hirepool branch about availability of our equipment. Hiring hedge trimmers is easy. Simply fill in a quick quote form to get started.