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Handheld Sanders

For around the house maintenance or commercial jobs like painting, consider hiring a handheld sander. Our selection of sanders, including belt sanders, triangular base sanders and orbital sanders are suitable for various applications.

Hire a belt sander

For sanding rough or larger surfaces see our range of belt sanders at Hirepool. The speed and strength of a belt sander will help you finish your sanding job quicker, whether it’s removing old paint or preparing a wooden area for painting. 

Hire a wallboard sander

For sanding large areas efficiently, consider hiring a wallboard sander. Ideal for improving access to walls or ceilings, the wallboard sander is lightweight and will help you professionally sand an area to prepare it for painting or other uses.

Hire an air disk grinder

If you’re preparing an area for sanding, you may need to first cut away steel or other materials. Use an air disk grinder to do away with power cords and get your cutting job finished faster. 

Get started

Complete your sanding or cutting job much faster with a handheld sander. Before you hire, talk to a Hirepool expert about your sanding surface and area, as they can recommend which sander will be best for the job. To get started, visit your nearest Hirepool branch or fill out a quick quote form online.